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Updated: Jun 11, 2021

3 Doctors of all races

New Amsterdam's episode "Why Not Yesterday?" tackles systemic racism by sharing what is often blatantly before us. We either don't see it occuring or choose to ignore the discrimination.

Together we stand, hand poster

"Systemic racism isn't about you. Just hold still. Just be quiet and just really listen to the people you say you want to help." Freema Agyerman as Dr. Helen Sharpe on the television series New Amsterdam.

Here, Max sits down with the hospital staff as they unload their interaction with the hospital's racist and discriminatory practice.

"A common criticism for his character is how he's the White guy who thinks he has a fix for everything. He doesn't just have a Savior Complex, but he has a White Savior one, and as well-meaning as he is, there are so many cases where he's out of his depth." TV Fanatic Referring to the hospital's directors Max.

"Do you not see the irony of asking someone who suffers from systemic racism to fix it?" Dr. Helen Sharpe referring to Max's task to right the wrongs of many years.

This conversation is between Max and Dr. Floyd.

Floyd: "How about the fact that Black doctors get paid 35% less than White doctors?"

Max: "Not here?"

Floyd: "Yeah, here."

Max: "Even you?"

Floyd: "Even me."

We stand together, people holding each other in unity

Photo credit TV Fanatic

Our appreciation to TV Fanatic for the quotes and photos.

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