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Gustafsson was an established and wealthy family whose ancestors immigrated from Norway decades previously and built a financial empire from modest beginnings…the fortune acquired on the backs of Chinese laborers in the eighteen hundreds.

Although long gone, their legacy for acquiring the finer things in life was inherited by their great granddaughter, Adriana, who simultaneously rejected the means by which they amassed their possessions.

The disdain for her family, its wealth and heritage developed during a grade eleven high school World History class where a discussion revolved around British Columbia’s 1800’s era.

Adriana was unable to extricate herself from the shame her family created. She completed high school then left immediately for the University of Zurich where she remained for six years. The Vancouverite used her social position and Israeli cunningness to steal multi-million dollar treasures from those in her family’s social circle.


100% of the revenue from the stolen merchandise was deposited into an anonymous Swiss bank account which executed her anonymous bank transfers to charities, children’s and teenager support groups, women’s resource, and sexual assault centers.

Rebecca Simpson and her partner, Dr. Penelope Barker relocated their investigative business from Santa Barbara, Ca. to Vancouver where they were soon retained by an insurance company to locate a stolen two million dollar Porsche.

Their former colleague Jessica Fukishura relocated her legal practice from Santa Barbara, California to Vancouver and through the benefit of her lucrative retirement income, she is installed as the in-house attorney for the Women’s Centre with zero cost to clients or the Centre.


Vancouver Police officers Treena Barton and Charli Gagnon investigate the professional theft of the Porsche and mid-six figures diamond necklace from a West Vancouver resident.

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