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Palm trees with  Santa Barbara in the background



"J" Team Novels; Female Sleuths Enjoying Fashion & Cuisine While Investigating International Crime.

Law enforcement agencies have traced American currency to the Caribbean and back to Southern California. Traces of Colombian cocaine are detected on bills confiscated during drug raids. The Caribbean currency. The currency is being transported from California to the Caribbean then back to America where it is distributed to the Christians for a Better America for their rightwing political ambitions. It was CFBA which were responsible for the destruction of the Mahalo Airline at LAX using radio-active material stolen from a Manitoba mine. The Secret Service sends Jessica Fukishura undercover with Katrina Barbados’ Santa Barbara, California law firm to discover the leader of the multi-million-dollar cocaine empire, how the drugs are entering the country and track the currency movement from California to the Caribbean.


Fukishura engages agents Jason Spencer, Elisabeth Peltowski and Jackson Pennington who are concluding their investigation of the destruction of the Marina del Rey convention center by an operative for the Christians for a Better America. Retired agent Rebecca Simpson and her partner Dr. Penelope Barker are hired to assist and collaborate with Detective Elise Pelfini of the Santa Barbara Police Department and the LAPD Drug Squad. The officers enlist the use of CHAP, a sophisticated data sharing software developed by Commander Cheryl Chapman a U.S. Navy SEAL working directly for the president. CHAP reveals a connection between the California drug smuggling and an Edmonton, Alberta resident. Fashion and cuisine are weaved into the plot in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Vancouver, British Columbia highlighting the latest in men’s and women’s styles. Suspect behavior and violent homophobes trigger officers’ combat martial arts skills and a philosophy shared by the women which can be of assistance to every female reader.

Santa Barbara Secrets, A book by Author Jonathan McCormick, book cover with palm trees and Santa Barbara in the background
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