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Airplane in the clouds



Female Sleuths Enjoying Fashion & Cuisine While Investigating International Crime. The Christians for a Better America, a rightwing political group bent on removing President John Bakus from office with any means necessary, have an extensive network of operatives in Canada and the United States. They are financed through the sale of quality Alberta cannabis smuggled into Idaho then hauled through Yellowstone National Forest. Jessica Fukishura and her “J” Team are tasked with eliminating that threat while securing the western White House in StoneHead, Wyoming.


The Team’s efforts result in the discovery of a ranch mole, a CFBA member working as a registered nurse in the StoneHead hospital and the plot to take down a Mahalo Airline flight from Minneapolis to LAX with two hundred Democrat delegates. RCMP Sky Marshall Karen Winthrop joins to investigation while enjoying west coast cuisine and fashion with Jessica Fukishura.

30,000 Secrets, A book by Author Jonathan McCormick, book cover with airplane in the clouds
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