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Wooden barn and Wyoming snowy mountain peak in the background


Supervising Secret Service Agent Jessica Fukishura, gained fame with the killing of two French Iranian sympathizers during an attack on U.S. President Bakus in France. She uncovered sleeper antagonists in President Bakus’ hometown and a clandestine pack train supply system through Yellowstone National Park. Native Americans from an Idaho reservation receive drugs smuggled on rail cars, move them covertly by pack train into Wyoming, and return with explosives for the Christians for a Better America’s Idaho mountain facility. The Idaho smugglers’ attempt to mask their operation results in a Sheriff’s murder, an exhaustive manhunt and an FBI investigation in conflict with Fukishura’s assignment.

Fukishura’s acerbic personality and her sexual history with an FBI Special Agent in Charge create friction during her “J” Team selection process. She finalizes with; Elisabeth Peltowski, a hacker, currently assigned to MI-6, Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service as a liaison agent, Jackson Pennington, a former Delta operative with several FBI years, early retirement to a Michigan University for an education degree then sequestered to the Secret Service, Rebecca Simpson, an aggressive, unorthodox agent with a penchant for conflict and Jason Spencer with three covert years in North Africa pursuing Al Qaeda fighters with the French Foreign Legion. Fukishura develops a working relationship and friendship with Karen Winthrop, an RCMP Air Marshal with investigative and martial arts skills matching those of the Secret Service “J” Team. Winthrop works with Fukishura to uncover the source of drugs and explosives and in the process, they discover a plot to move Cesium to Los Angeles where CFBA plans to destroy LAX communications and crash incoming flights, the plot for 30,000 Secrets. Winthrop’s love affair with a law enforcer draws the attention of the CSIS while Fukishura struggles with her explosive anger and inability to maintain a meaningful relationship.

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