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Joselyn Washington

Joselyn Washington is a California Bureau of Investigation agent working out of the agency's San Diego office within twenty minutes of her La Jolla home which she enjoys with her partner.


Washington is introduced to readers in Social Secrets connecting with Karen Winthrop and Tom Hortonn in their human trafficking investigation. The three meet in person at the Westin New York Grand Central two days before the United Nations symposium on international human trafficking was scheduled.

Marc Stucki

In Luxury Secrets, Marc opens another Marc Stucki's Steak and Seafood restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia on False Creek next to the railroad station.

Jessica Fukishura

Jessica moves her law practice from Santa Barbara, California to Vancouver, British Columbia on the shore of False Creek.

Rebecca Simpson

A retired Secret Service Agent who operated a private investigation business in Santa Barbara, California with life partner Dr. Penelope Barker. In Luxury Secrets, they move their business to Vancouver, British Columbia.

​Rebecca's Facebook Page

Commander Cheryl Chapman

The creator of CHAP, the American interagency data sharing system, currently detailed out of the White House on special assignment to the President.

Dr. Penelope Barker

The retired veterinarian moves her private investigator practice with life partner Rebecca Simpson to Vancouver, British Columbia in the same office building as Jessica Fukishura on False Creek.

Jackson Pennington

A retired Secret Service Agent, former Delta Agent and high school teacher.


Jackson was recruited from the FBI by the Secret Service where he was under cover as a high school History teacher. Pennington is currently a principal with “J” Team Investigations in Santa Barbara, California and social saxophone player at Marc Stucki's Steak House in Santa Barbara, California.

Jackson's Facebook Page

Kimberly Breyman

An RCMP officer, currently attached to Inspector Lorne Wood’s Anti-Money Laundering unit.

Anne-Marie Clark

Anne Marie Clark joins the newly formed Surrey Police Service.

She joins the joint investigation into human trafficking with colleagues in the Vancouver Police Department, RCMP Inspector Karen Winthrop and Toronto Police Service Staff Sgt. Tom Horton.

Jason Spencer

A retired Secret Service Agent and principal with “J” Team Investigations in Santa Barbara, California.

Spencer is from Los Angeles where he served as an LAPD patrol officer, then under cover as an importer of illegal automatic firearms. He joined the Secret Service chasing Al Qaeda operatives in North Africa before joining the “J” Team. 

Jason's Facebook Page

Elisabeth Peltowski

A retired Secret Service Agent formerly assigned to Britain’s MI6 tracking terrorists' finances by hacking data bases of insurgent supporting governments.

After joining the "J" Team she went under cover middle school computer skills teacher in StoneHead, Wyoming. Currently a principal with “J” Team Investigations in Santa Barbara, California.

RCMP Inspector Karen Winthrop

Winthrop works with RCMP Superintendent Lorne Wood on a human trafficking task force collaborating with the Surrey Police Service and Vancouver Police Department.

Toronto Police Service Staff Sgt. Tom Hortonn

Hortonn joins life partner RCMP Inspector Winthrop in an investigation into human trafficking in Canada, America and the European Union.

RCMP Superintendent Lorne Wood

Wood creates a task force investigating human trafficking in North America and the European Union.


His team consists of officers with the Vancouver Police Department, Inspector Karen Winthrop, Toronto Police Service Staff Sgt. Tom Hortonn and Anne-Marie Clark with the Surrey Police Service.

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