A women putting a finger on her lips calling for silence



“Highway of Tears”.

Were they abducted?


Prince Rupert, on British Columbia’s west coast, home to old world forests and breathtaking ocean scenery is the genesis of missing and murdered women and teens.


Somewhere between the idyllic, seaside community and 1,500 km east to Edmonton, Alberta, the fleeing travelers meet their fate. Do Haida Gwaii and Prince Rupert women, destined for another life or to visit relatives fall victim to errant killers who disposed of their bodies in the wilderness? Or are they prey to human traffickers?


Similar tragedies occur throughout Canada and the United States with traffickers moving victims from city to city, either leasing them to sexual deviants or selling the women, men, and children outright, often to criminally operated agricultural syndicates.


In Social Secrets the women  investigate the human trafficking across Canada and America. Staff Sgt. Karen Winthrop has been promoted to Inspector and leads the crack team of investigators which brought down international money laundering and cocaine drug lords in “Vancouver Secrets”. The Team members are,  Retired Secret Service Agents Rebecca Simpson, , Elisabeth Peltowski, Jackson Pennington & Jason Spencer with RCMP Member Kimberly Breyman, Vancouver’s Combined Forces Enforcement Unit Ann-Marie Clark, Santa Barbara Police Detective Elise Pelfini and Canadian attorney Jessica Fukishura.


Inspector Winthrop’s multi-national task force traces missing women and teens to a global source of traffickers who, until now, have operated with impunity.

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