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A politician with class, dignity, respect & humility. Jazz at The Blues House.

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Happy Sunday!

2016, Barack n Michelle hosted Jazz at The Blues House celebrating International Jazz Day with master musicians.

A guy playing the trumpet

Listen to the full concert here.

Barack Obama

Watching Barack’s welcoming we are reminded of the class he brought to politics with his oratory and grace.

Beautiful suit, shirt n tie outfit on Barack.

A women singing on stage

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Unknown member
16. März 2021

Exactly! He, rather, they, brought those character traits to the White House. Someone pointed out recently that Barack was the first president in a long time who had zero scandals during his tenure. Here they are at the Neighborhood Ball with Beyoncé singing Eta James' At Last which I am sure was sung by every America of color and many others. At Last we have a person of color leading America.

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