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Updated: Jun 11, 2021


The emotional abuser believes that his partner is there to please him. Her role is to take care of his needs. However, she isn’t allowed to demand anything of him. She should simply be content and pleased with whatever he offers. He feels like he’s above reproach because he considers himself lovable and generous.

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The majority of his conversations revolve around his needs and her obligations. However, he gets furious if she demands anything of him, even if it is his responsibility. If he feels unhappy, he blames her. He may seem less controlling than other emotionally violent types if his needs are met.

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2. Mr. Perfect

He believes himself to be an admirable person. He is proud of his abilities, intelligence, and achievements. Mr. Perfect always knows exactly what to do, including what’s best for his partner. As such, he doesn’t need to listen to or consider her opinion. This is especially true when her opinion differs from his own.

Mr. Perfect believes that any disagreements are a reflection of his partner’s ineptitude. He uses it as a way to mistreat her, though his way of expressing it is respectful. Mr. Perfect believes that if she would just accept that she is right, the relationship will work better. The reason is that he truly thinks that he knows better than her.

When he talks about her, he does it in a condescending way. If she doesn’t feel like he is her superior, he will ridicule her, insult her, and discredit her thoughts. That makes her more vulnerable to being controlled. You might say that he specializes in her weaknesses and has no problem talking about them in front of other people.


3. An expert in driving her crazy

4. The drill sergeant

5. The sensitive man

6. The Playboy

7. Rambo

8. The victim

9. The terrorist

10. The mental case, or the addict

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