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Music! Sooth your soul!

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

A women playing the flute

When you think you can't take another minute of what life is throwing your way!

Shut off your phone and turn on your music.

March is Stingray's WOMEN IN MUSIC

Here is their list of five female artists "Who Crush it".

We added the last performer because we love jazz.

Women in Music is March's Special Programming, and it's dedicated to all those female singers and artists who inspire us through their songs and stories. We have chosen 5 women who have pushed boundaries and inspire us to fight for our dreams.

While you read this enjoy the best of Women in Music on Stingray Music!

Dolly Parton

Besides from being a prolific writer, Dolly Parton has been an icon in country music for decades, paving the way for female artists. One of her first singles, "Just Because I'm a Woman", tells the story of a woman taking her emancipation over a man. Released in the late 60s, the song brought the sexual revolution to the Country Music fans. Later, her song "9 to 5" is an anthem for female office workers, besides of becoming the #1 hit in 1980. The song and film 9 to 5 -in which Dolly Parton plays the role of Doralee Rhodes, gave their titles to 9to5, an organization founded in 1973 with the aim of bringing about fair pay and equal treatment for women in the workplace.

Here's Dolly in the UK

Taylor Swift

One of the most inspiring artists of our time is of course Taylor Swift. Top writer, singer, performer and Billboard's woman of the decade are just some of her numerous achievements. She champions fellow female artists and is not afraid of denouncing the "toxic male privilege" in the music industry. Taylor Swift announced that a rerecording of one of her first albums, "Fearless," will be released in April. Fearless, indeed.

A guy and a girl sitting back to back


"The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence," once said Beyoncé. Queen B's has always been a huge supporter of different social movements and especially feminism. Her extensive repertoire contains numerous female empowering anthems: "Independent Women" (early days with the Destiny's Childs), "Run the World (Girls)," "Single Ladies," "Pretty Hurts" and the list goes on. Did you know that in her hit “Flawless,” Beyoncé sampled a speech entitled “We Should All Be Feminists” by the Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie? When not inspiring fellow women with her arts, Beyoncé militates in favour of gender equality support girls’ education through the association she co-founded, CHIME FOR CHANGE, and the Formation Scholars award program, which “encourages and supports young women who are bold, creative, conscious, confident, and unafraid to think outside the box.”

Here is Beyonce in a Stevie Wonder Tribute


We couldn't talk about inspiring female artists without mentioning the most fabulous female icon, Cher. Cher is the only artist in history to rank on a Billboard chart for six consecutive decades. She has one of the most prolific careers of the music history. From the hippie-girl of “Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour” to the to the success of “Believe” at the age of 52, Cher as never stopped braking records and pushing boundaries. The "Goddess of Pop" and actress is also an activist for LGBTQ rights, and an icon for the gay community.

Women sitting in a wheelchair gardening


Not only Lizzo became the third female rapper to top the Hot 100 without a featured artist, but also became the first #1 Black solo female R&B singer on the Hot 100 since Rihanna's hit "Diamonds". Needless to say the Lizzo is one of the most successful artists of her generation. After struggling with body issues at an early age, Lizzo became an advocate for body positivity. She celebrates self-love in her songs ("Mirror, mirror on the wall, don't say it 'cause I know I'm cute.", lyrics from "Juice"), music videos (in the music video for "Truth Hurts," Lizzo marries herself!), her performances (her group of dancers, the Big Grrrls, is composed of plus-size dancers) and truly in anything else she does!

Diana Krall

Here she is in Rio in 2008

Women singer on stage

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