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Be That guy! who speaks up to end violence against women.

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

10 things men can do to end violence against women poster


Vancouver, BC an attempted rape got front page headlines with, "No means No".

A group of male colleagues were laughing at the concept of a woman changing her mind and one guy said, "If she did that to me I would take what she was offering before she changed her mind."

One man not involved in the discussion was incensed because all of his sexual assault survival students were treated similarly.

He said, "If you did that to one of my students you would either be dead or in a coma in the hospital," then walked out.

"Its true that not all men harm women. But not all men work to make sure their fellow men do not harm women. Do they interrupt troubling language and behavior in others? Do they have conversations about women's safety/consent with their sons? Are all men interested in our safety??

March 3, 2021 Women's Rights News

Do they crack jokes about sexual assault or laugh at one someone else has said?

Many men talk a good game, few deliver

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