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Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Is Canada making sufficient progress in equality, both with responsibility and remuneration?

The Globe and Mail offers their research into female CEOs in Canadian business. One firm's executives is 100% female.

"Our annual survey sets a benchmark for gender diversity in corporate Canada. After evaluating hundreds of firms, we identified 71 with significant numbers of female executives, with 44% of the leadership roles held by women, on average. That result holds steady from last year. As companies strive for better, this is what “good” looks like for the moment."

4 Women in a meeting

"Women Lead Here: Our annual survey on gender diversity in corporate Canada"


Absolute Software Yes 33


Amerigo Resources Yes 100


Read the complete Globe and Mail list

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Jonathan McCormick
Jonathan McCormick
Apr 06, 2021

"In fact, among the firm’s equity partners who were called to the bar after 1999, women actually out-earned men by 5 per cent on average. This group makes up 42 per cent of the 125 lawyers at that level."

This is great news!


Jackson Pennington
Jackson Pennington
Apr 01, 2021

I am partners with former Secret Service Agent Rebecca Simpson who is one of scores of business women in Santa Barbara. Kudos to these women crashing the glass ceiling.


Jonathan McCormick
Jonathan McCormick
Mar 29, 2021

TransAlta CEO Dawn Farrell’s advice for women: Don’t leave when the going gets tough - The Globe and Mail

"With days left before she retires, Dawn Farrell has some advice she warns is controversial. Asked to reflect on the lack of women at the top rungs in corporate Canada, the chief executive of TransAlta Corp. says as a starting point women themselves have to choose to stay in difficult, high-pressure jobs – even when there’s fierce jockeying for positions, even when they would rather not deal with the fights and conflict."

TransAlta CEO Dawn Farrell’s advice for women: Don’t leave when the going gets tough - The Globe and Mail

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