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Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Controlling your personal space is just as easy as these women demonstrate.

This is an incredibly motivating video. I have trained 120 pound female police officers who don't hesitate to take down a 200 pound suspect.

It is a matter of a mind-set or as Michelle Obama says, "I'm good enough."

Women in martial art training

"IMPACT is a personal safety, assertiveness and self-defense training program.It is part of a comprehensive effort to prevent sexual assault and other acts of interpersonal violence and boundary violations." View the video and contact Impact


Carry bear spray, it is readily available in sporting goods and hardware stores. It comes in small, easily carried containers. Keep it in your pocket, not your handbag.

If you are confronted by someone who is obviously bent on causing you harm, you've already decided you'll take aggressive action. You will feel an adrenaline rush which is normal. Don't dismiss this feeling but use it in the form of anger that this person would have the audacity to do you harm. As he approaches, turn your body slightly to affect a left foot forward and rear foot slightly behind and your weight balanced. You have controlled anger. You are emitting an aura that can’t says, I can not be intimidated. Remember, your primary concern must be your mind set…that you can and will do whatever is necessary to prevent being a victim.

Put both of your hands up, palms facing outwards and yell, “Stop!” If he continues toward you, spray him directly in the eyes then strike those eyes and throat with your fist, knuckles extended then using your right leg, knee him in the groin continually until he is down.

The key to regaining control of your life and alleviating the Fear is to decide that you are worth every effort to be in command and that you'll do whatever is necessary to anyone who attempts to do you physical harm.

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