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Updated: Jun 11, 2021

We know violent men won't change, how can society be proactive to prevent this abuse and assaults?

"Just because I am a woman" poster

"At least 10 women have been killed by their male partners in 2021. The most recent killing occurred one week ago when Quebec provincial police said Richard West, 50, killed his wife, Dyann Serafica-Donaire, 38, before taking his own life in the couple’s home in Mercier, Que., south of Montreal."

"More than $90 million is earmarked for women’s shelters, which should help the centres increase spaces and offer more services to women seeking help, Public Security Minister Genevieve Guilbault told reporters."

One woman shares her story and others share their experiences dealing with abuse and the failed justice system.

"The new money will help women’s shelters create 163 new spaces and hire 313 more full-time staff. Women’s shelters will also have their annual funding increased from about $77 million to $126 million by the government’s 2025-26 fiscal year."

Women hugging

Please share in the solution with your input below.

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