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Author Acknowledgements 2020

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

“Barkley Sound Secrets” debuted in February, 2020 with the help of tremendous number of contributors. My sincere appreciation for their assistance and willingness to assist in eliminating violence against women and children.

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Barkley Sound Secrets is dedicated to First Responders for their compassion toward sexual and domestic assault survivors and their expertise and professionalism in providing the necessary assistance.

It is also dedicated to survivors. May you gain courage, direction and enthusiasm for the next step in your journey. We hope Jessica, Rebecca, Penelope, Elisabeth, Kimberly, Anne-Marie and Elise have inspired and have set an example of who and what you can be.

My sincere appreciation to Elise Laina for the use of her maiden name for Detective Elise Pelfini and her fashion and cuisine guidance.

Thank you Elise also for your hours of editing, assisting with the intricacies of travel times, the scope of each character’s abilities and limitations. Your dedication produced a better novel than I could have done on my own.

My gratitude to Les Wiseman of Royal Roads University for starting me on the journey of the “J” Team and for his support and direction through Wyoming Secrets, 30,000 Secrets, Barkley Sound Secrets and book five, Vancouver Secrets.

To Cst. Roy Davidson, RCMP retired, for his guidance on law enforcement issues, the name Horseman and continual support.

To Cst. Richard Drought, RCMP retired, for assault tactics, firearms choices and for educating me on law enforcement management. May the National Police Federation grow strong supporting Members in these trying and challenging times.

My appreciation to RCMP Inspector Lorne Wood for the use of his name, who portrays himself and offered support and enthusiasm throughout the process. To RCMP Cst. Kimberly (last name omitted per her request) for your support of the “J” Team Series and for joining them in Barkley Sound Secrets and in Vancouver Secrets debuting 2021.

To Corporal Anne-Marie Clark of the Combined Forces Enforcement Unit in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland for her support, enthusiasm and the use of her name and for becoming Kimberly’s partner.

To Rick Franqouer and Laura for the use of their names and that of their boat and cocktails and cuisine choices. I sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm, encouragement and support. Appreciation is also extended to Larry Baird and his Dad Larry Sr. for the use of their names and for Larry critiquing various scenes in which he appears.

Thanks to Dr. Pam Barker for her constant support, encouragement and suggestions on various aspects of the plot.

I am indebted to Kasteen Beltowski RN, for her medical expertise, and support through the character development and writing process.

Jim Seredick assisted with the technical details of the Somas River and Barkley Sound. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, U.S. Army (Ret) is honored in each of my novels for his tremendous support and the impact he has had on my life. I had the pleasure of attending the Colonel’s law enforcement seminar, Sheepdogs, the content of which is shared often throughout my novels.

Sukwinder Manhas was my first martial arts instructor who introduced me to competitive Karate in the World Karate Tournament in Tacoma, Washington. My sincere appreciation to Winder for his expertise and leadership, skills he continues to share with his students at Coastal Martial Arts in Port Alberni, British Columbia, coincidentally, the epicenter for Barkley Sound Secrets.

My martial arts expertise is credited first to Sensei Manhas and to Tenth Degree Black Belt Bradley Steiner of the American Academy of Self Defense in Seattle and the former Washington State Director of the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers who provided the instructional atmosphere for me to teach Seattle Police Department officers and King County Sheriff Deputies defensive tactics.

My appreciation to the countless counsellors with women’s resource centers and support groups in every country where women are assigned an inferior social role and for their assistance in moving women beyond that category, to know there is more to life.

Kelowna, British Columbia’s Chef Marc Stucki added his expertise in cuisine development and plating, creating the numerous opportunities for the characters to socialize and experience new delights. My sincere appreciation Marc. I look forward to the dining excitement you create in Vancouver Secrets.

Thank you Dominic Laina for your kind words of encouragement and the use of your name. I appreciate your folk’s support and hope I have done justice to the Laina name. Appreciation also to Tanner and Sage Beltowski for the use of their names and critiquing several scenes.

Angie Taylor, Curtis Leithead and Paul Manhas, my sincere gratitude for your enthusiasm and willingness to participate by sharing your names and expertise. Angie for educating me on navigating the Sound and Paul for your medical expertise in treating Loblinski Sr.

My continuing and deepest appreciation to my spouse for her editing skills and patience during the months of writing, ignoring my waking at one am to write having dreamed the scene I needed.

Although Barkley Sound Secrets doesn’t involve classroom management scenes per se, Secret Service Agent Elisabeth Peltowski’s contribution to the detection, surveillance and apprehension of the cocaine cartel has its background in a junior high classroom where her teaching acumen was honed by Dr. Barrie Bennett, retired education professor at the University of Toronto from whom I took many classes in Cooperative Learning. receives many comments and contributions regarding domestic violence and sexual assault supporting the elimination of violence against women. 100% of book sales are donated to various women’s centers and charities supporting women; YWCA Women’s Shelter, Sexual Assault Counselling Centre, Food Bank, National Police Federation Benevolent Foundation (Supporting families of fallen RCMP officers), Animal Assistance Society, BCSPCA and Northern Lights Wildlife Refuge.

We appreciate all who share their ideas and stories, that working together we can make a difference.

To Domestic Shelters and Shelter Safe for their continuous support and direction for violence survivors.

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