“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.” Dr. Maya Angelou

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Jonathan McCormick, writing of a world as it could be.

Find Inspiration in the “J Team Series”

Don’t live a life of fear. Regain control as so many other women have.
Wyoming Secrets, 30,000 Secrets, Santa Barbara Secrets  and the “J” Team Series are inspirational novels which embolden and motivate women who feel overwhelmed by the threat of violence in their lives.

McCormick’s female characters personify his students who have captured courage and changed their lives.

View McCormick’s interview with British Columbia’s CFJC’s Tanya Cronin’s interview with Jonathan McCormick, where he discusses “30,000 Secrets”, his passion for helping women overwhelmed with violence in their lives through the female characters in his novels. All the female characters are martial artists and struggle with human dilemmas. Their relationship successes and failures are situations to which we can all relate and navigating through these challenges provides an insight for readers on managing their personal challenges.

100% of book sales are donated to women’s centers, sexual assault counselling centers and women’s shelters.

Jonathan McCormick - Author of the J team series

Some times you just need an example, a leader from whom you can draw courage. Listen to Donna Summer explaining her problem and solution.

Do you ever ask yourself why you don’t have the power to make decisions which could change your life? Often the solution is viewing a Hollywood adaptation of an extreme case of convictions. Watch these seniors’ reaction to an attempted robbery.

The novels’ inspiration develops through Rebecca, Elisabeth and Jessica who experience violence both in their professional and person lives. The agents’ physical and emotional responses to antagonists draw the reader to the protagonists’ techniques and style used to overcome adversity. Girlfriend conversations over Long Necks and burgers at Casandra’s draws light on their shared problems socializing with male dates and colleagues.

British Columbia’s CFJC’s Susan Engle interviews McCormick regarding his first novel, “Wyoming Secrets”. McCormick explains that “Wyoming Secrets” is a suspense thriller with a plot that moves through North Africa, London England, Washington, D.C. Arizona and Wyoming. Holt Renfrew’s champagne fashion review,Whistler’s Araxi, Toronto’s Revival and the collision of careers and personal agendas shape characters with emotional substance and develop the quirky psychology of political dissidents.

“Wyoming Secrets” embraces sex, love, mystery, suspense, and martial arts and blends them with a well-researched plot to locate and eliminate Christians for a Better America, (CFBA)…..well organized, disgruntled, right wing political misfits being trained by Middle Eastern assassins on Arizona and New Mexico reservations.

Rebecca Simpson

Cuisine and fashion enhance readers’ identification with the protagonists as the agents dine in some of the country’s finest restaurants and shop at Nordstrom in Denver/Vancouver, BC., Toronto’s Holt Renfrew and specialty boutiques from coast to coast.

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