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Wyoming Secrets, A book by Author Jonathan McCormick, book cover with wooden barn and Wyoming snowy mountain peak in the background


Supervising Secret Service Agent Jessica Fukishura, gained fame with the killing of two French Iranian sympathizers during an attack on U.S. President Bakus in France. She uncovered sleeper antagonists in President Bakus’ hometown and a clandestine pack train supply system through Yellowstone National Park. Native Americans from an Idaho reservation receive drugs smuggled on rail cars, move them covertly by pack train into Wyoming, and return with explosives for the Christians for a Better America’s Idaho mountain facility. The Idaho smugglers’ attempt to mask their operation results in a Sheriff’s murder, an exhaustive manhunt and an FBI investigation in conflict with Fukishura’s assignment.

Fukishura’s acerbic personality and her sexual history with an FBI Special Agent in Charge create friction during her “J” Team selection process. She finalizes with; Elisabeth Peltowski, a hacker, currently assigned to MI-6, Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service as a liaison agent, Jackson Pennington, a former Delta operative with several FBI years, early retirement to a Michigan University for an education degree then sequestered to the Secret Service, Rebecca Simpson, an aggressive, unorthodox agent with a penchant for conflict and Jason Spencer with three covert years in North Africa pursuing Al Qaeda fighters with the French Foreign Legion. Fukishura develops a working relationship and friendship with Karen Winthrop, an RCMP Air Marshal with investigative and martial arts skills matching those of the Secret Service “J” Team. Winthrop works with Fukishura to uncover the source of drugs and explosives and in the process, they discover a plot to move Cesium to Los Angeles where CFBA plans to destroy LAX communications and crash incoming flights, the plot for 30,000 Secrets. Winthrop’s love affair with a law enforcer draws the attention of the CSIS while Fukishura struggles with her explosive anger and inability to maintain a meaningful relationship.

30,000 Secrets, A book by Author Jonathan McCormick, book cover with airplane in the clouds

30,000 SECRETS

Female Sleuths Enjoying Fashion & Cuisine While Investigating International Crime. The Christians for a Better America, a rightwing political group bent on removing President John Bakus from office with any means necessary, have an extensive network of operatives in Canada and the United States. They are financed through the sale of quality Alberta cannabis smuggled into Idaho then hauled through Yellowstone National Forest. Jessica Fukishura and her “J” Team are tasked with eliminating that threat while securing the western White House in StoneHead, Wyoming.


The Team’s efforts result in the discovery of a ranch mole, a CFBA member working as a registered nurse in the StoneHead hospital and the plot to take down a Mahalo Airline flight from Minneapolis to LAX with two hundred Democrat delegates. RCMP Sky Marshall Karen Winthrop joins to investigation while enjoying west coast cuisine and fashion with Jessica Fukishura.

Santa Barbara Secrets, A book by Author Jonathan McCormick, book cover with palm trees with Santa Barbara in the background


"J" Team Novels; Female Sleuths Enjoying Fashion & Cuisine While Investigating International Crime.

Law enforcement agencies have traced American currency to the Caribbean and back to Southern California. Traces of Colombian cocaine are detected on bills confiscated during drug raids. The Caribbean currency. The currency is being transported from California to the Caribbean then back to America where it is distributed to the Christians for a Better America for their rightwing political ambitions. It was CFBA which were responsible for the destruction of the Mahalo Airline at LAX using radio-active material stolen from a Manitoba mine. The Secret Service sends Jessica Fukishura undercover with Katrina Barbados’ Santa Barbara, California law firm to discover the leader of the multi-million-dollar cocaine empire, how the drugs are entering the country and track the currency movement from California to the Caribbean.


Fukishura engages agents Jason Spencer, Elisabeth Peltowski and Jackson Pennington who are concluding their investigation of the destruction of the Marina del Rey convention center by an operative for the Christians for a Better America. Retired agent Rebecca Simpson and her partner Dr. Penelope Barker are hired to assist and collaborate with Detective Elise Pelfini of the Santa Barbara Police Department and the LAPD Drug Squad. The officers enlist the use of CHAP, a sophisticated data sharing software developed by Commander Cheryl Chapman a U.S. Navy SEAL working directly for the president. CHAP reveals a connection between the California drug smuggling and an Edmonton, Alberta resident. Fashion and cuisine are weaved into the plot in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Vancouver, British Columbia highlighting the latest in men’s and women’s styles. Suspect behavior and violent homophobes trigger officers’ combat martial arts skills and a philosophy shared by the women which can be of assistance to every female reader.


Draws the RCMP and Secret Service closer to tracking the California cartel’s cocaine expansion into Canada. RCMP Sgt. Karen Winthrop, Kimberly Breyman, and Tom Hortonn are challenged to locate the Vancouver suspects financing the cocaine shipments.


They are aided by retired Members, CST Roy Davidson, CST Rick Drought & current Member Inspector Lorne Wood.

Their investigation is aided by California detectives, Elise Pelini, retired Secret Service agents Rebecca Simpson, Elisabeth Peltowski, Jackson Pennington, Jason Spencer and Detective Dr. Penelope Barker.

​Vancouver Secrets, A book by ​Jonathan McCormick, A book cover with the city of Vancouver in the background


Women who work twice as hard as men to be rewarded half as little will see themselves championed in Vancouver Secrets.


Women who are struggling through domestic abuse or sexual assault survival will gain perspective, courage and motivation through the actions of the female characters. 

Karen, Kimberly, Anne-Marie and Tom discover blatant money laundering, police corruption and in the process unveil an illegal gambling syndicate utilizing university students in British Columbia and Santa Barbara, California as currency mules. 

“Vancouver Secrets”

            Vancouver Secrets portrays educated, articulate and driven women living in an age of Me To and Times Up movements. As individuals, they long ago gave up the concept of marriage and family, forgoing caring for a man incapable of managing his own life.

            Most have a deep-rooted dislike of men; Jessica’s stemming from her mother sharing the atrocity of the 1989 massacre of fourteen women at Montreal’s École Polytechnique and the fact that men left the women to die. Those who choose to date, do so with skepticism, having been jaded by the many evil men they have incarcerated. In the process, the “J” Team women’s careers flourish while encountering, overcoming and in many instances, destroying workplace harassment, misogyny and sexual assault.

            Vancouver Secrets embraces mystery, suspense, love, sex and martial arts through Rebecca, Elisabeth, Jessica, Elise, Penelope, Kimberly and Karen who share their journey in overcoming adversity.

            The agents enjoy fine dining and shopping at boutiques in British Columbia and Southern California while uncovering a billion-dollar money laundering industry.

            The women encourage readers; to leave abusive relationships, to change their environment and to accomplish their goals and dreams.

            Along with their male law enforcement partners, the agents’ goal is for readers to find encouragement, support and motivation through Vancouver Secrets and the “J” Team Series.



Forty-seven billion dollars.

One year.




            “It is difficult to figure out how much money is being laundered. Money laundering is a big problem globally and can have a huge effect on local economies,” Patrice Poiteven, former RCMP anticorruption investigator.

British Columbia has been the epicenter for such transactions for years, resulting in the purchase of multi-million-dollar properties in Vancouver, high end vehicles and insurance policies with the proceeds of crime; most often currency from drug sales.

            Purchasing high-end vehicles; Bugatti La Voiture Noire, twelve million, Lamborghini Veneno, five million, Mercedes-Maybach Exelero, eight million and Rolls-Royce Sweptail, thirteen million with bags of currency was not uncommon. The criminals would later sell the vehicles and their illicit cash would be laundered.

            A Vancouver based RCMP investigation, E-Pirate Inquiry, involved forty officers, a budget of millions over several years, which resulted in a solid prospect of conviction. Regrettably, the case was dismissed in the fall of 2019 when the required disclosure documentation was sent to the defense team along with information regarding the informants. The RCMP and prosecutors could not take the chance of the suspects identifying those who shared their criminal secrets, confidential informants, and dropped the charges.

            It seems inconceivable today, but there was a track record. Numerous casinos saw suspects exchanging millions for chips, playing briefly, then cashing out for a casino check.

Crime proceeds cleaned in less than an hour.

            By the end of 2019, the impending legislation had reduced casino cash flow considerably, so much so that politicians pointed to the previous government, accusing them of allowing the criminal activity to flourish, not wanting to lose the casino tax revenue.

            Today, realtors, investors, insurance companies and car dealers will not conduct a transaction in cash over ten thousand dollars and are required to inform law enforcement of any suspicious cash transactions.

            Nationally, the 2019 election left the country with a minority/coalition government which does not have money laundering as a high priority.

            “Our government’s message is simple; criminals, domestic and foreign, should not be able to hide their illegal money in Canada. Our government is committed to detect, stop and prosecute money laundering.” June 2019 (edited for space)


Bill Morneau Canada’s Minister of Finance

            “As a police officer for four decades, I have seen the harmful effects of money laundering. Our 2019 budget made significant investments in the RCMP. FINRAC, Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre, and CRA, Canada Revenue Agency to meet evolving threats.” June 2019 (edited for space)


Bill Blair, Canada’s Minister of Organized Crime Reduction


            Such was not the case. The E-Pirate Inquiry was short-handed during much of their investigation and the unit has since been disbanded.


            “Our weak anti-money-laundering laws protect money launderers from detection and prosecution.”


Keven Comeau



“Highway of Tears”.

Were they abducted?


Prince Rupert, on British Columbia’s west coast, home to old world forests and breathtaking ocean scenery is the genesis of missing and murdered women and teens.

Somewhere between the idyllic, seaside community and 1,500 km east to Edmonton, Alberta, the fleeing travelers meet their fate. Do Haida Gwaii and Prince Rupert women, destined for another life or to visit relatives fall victim to errant killers who disposed of their bodies in the wilderness? Or are they prey to human traffickers?


Similar tragedies occur throughout Canada and the United States with traffickers moving victims from city to city either leasing them to sexual deviants or selling the women, men, and children outright, often to criminally operated agricultural syndicates.


In Social Secrets the women investigate human trafficking across Canada and America. Staff Sgt. Karen Winthrop has been promoted to Inspector and leads the crack team of investigators which brought down international money laundering and cocaine drug lords in “Vancouver Secrets”. The Team members are,  Retired Secret Service Agents Rebecca Simpson, , Elisabeth Peltowski, Jackson Pennington & Jason Spencer with RCMP Member Kimberly Breyman, Vancouver’s Combined Forces Enforcement Unit Ann-Marie Clark, Santa Barbara Police Detective Elise Pelfini and Canadian attorney Jessica Fukishura.

Inspector Winthrop’s multi-national task force traces missing women and teens to a global source of traffickers who, until now, have operated with impunity.


Writing of life as it is…

and as  it could be.

Women Law Enforcers, Enjoying Fashion, Cuisine & Jazz, While Investigating International Crime.

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Writing of life as it is…and as

it could be.

Women Law Enforcers, Enjoying Fashion, Cuisine & Jazz, While Investigating International Crime.

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The number of women, girls and gender diverse people who experience intimate partner violence each year in Canada.


The percentage of women, girls and gender diverse people who experience traumatic brain injury as a result of violence by an intimate partner.


The number of concussions from violence by an intimate partner compared to those sustained in the NHL.