YOU DON’T OWN ME! Angry teens.

Whether the issue is parents not vaccinating their children and now, as teens, revolting and having the vaccination or parents directing their teens into careers, relationships or social encounters against their will, teens are rebelling in numbers greater than seen in many years.

Far too many teens feeling hopeless, leave home and end up on the street. Some are drawn to the mind numbing euphoria of drugs, some solicit to survive while others struggle to discover if a normal life exists and if so, what does it look like.

Parents don’t own their children.

“Healing will take time and patience. Assessing what went wrong in your abusive relationship can consume you. Don’t do it. Shit happens. We make mistakes and end up with the wrong person.

Changing locations, getting a new job and moving on works. Not immediately, but it does according to many teens/women who have, unfortunately, been in your shoes.”

Read the entire blog and find useful suggestions on how to move on with your life, then combine those idea with what Rachel is offering.

“Stop believing the lies who you are. So you can become who you were meant to be.”

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