Women returning to abuser…no room at shelters.

“The National Center on Family Homelessness reports some 50 percent of homeless women cite domestic abuse as the reason they are living on the streets.”

She was safe with her brother but chose to return so she wouldn’t lose graduation credits.

Her brother.

“I had four credit hours left before finishing my bachelor’s degree,” Serenko says. She could go back to the same college as her abuser or transfer to another school and risk losing many of the credits she’d earned.”

Why she went back. Read her story.

She had two children with the man whom she feared.

“I became much more fearful for my life,” she says. “He took pleasure in stirring up fear in me knowing he would kill me. I was literally afraid to walk down the hall with my back to him.”

It wasn’t until after they had two children together and made another big move that Serenko finally found relief.”

Woman fearful of leaving.

Some statistics say it takes seven times before a survivor will leave for good.

Read, fifty barriers to leaving.

Thanks Domestic Shelters for this valuable information.

Escaping. 23 ways to document domestic abuse.

Lies! Lies and more Lies. How to break the Cycle of Abuse.

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3 Responses to Women returning to abuser…no room at shelters.

  1. I haven’t known married survivors but far too many university students who were when I was in teaching college in Michigan.
    I didn’t understand it then and don’t now, why girls/women would stay with an abuser. These are intelligent, academically successful people who repeatedly put themselves in harms way.
    I don’t know if they have difficulty adjusting to life away from home or if they have other issues.
    I was part of a group of men who walked female students to their dorms and often I would see male students hanging around in groups seemingly waiting to pounce.
    I had my share of encounters with these sexual deviants.

  2. I haven’t experienced this personally or seen it with any friends, but then I don’t have any married friends.
    However, when I was a patrol officer with LAPD I saw it too frequently.
    Many times it was the lack of room at shelters and women and children chose to live on the street rather
    r than return to the violence.
    But many other times the survivors lacked the education to find a job and were penniless without their abuser.

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