America honors those who attack women and ignores the Real heroes.

Football has become America’s Roman coliseum, with NDL ratings at an all time high even after the disgraceful behavior of so many players and the league.

Navy SEAL Sr. Chief Mike Day and others who have worked to stop terrorism before it hits our shores. Yes, they signed up for the job but shouldn’t we give them more honor than those who butt heads on a field and pay millions to watch? Shouldn’t we give these true heroes more respect than we do to those who beat women and children?

Navy Chief Mike Day
Nave SEAL Mike Day. Thanks to Fox for the photo.

Sports celebrities are not heroes, regardless of their prowess on the playing field.

Here is the video:

I have taught female rape survivors, sexual assault survivors and teen rape victims for decades and it continues to appaul and sadden when women can not muster the courage to leave an abusive relationship or get into one in the first place.

One woman’s light bulb moment was when he put a gun to her head..she left. Another was when he sat on her chest and beat her unconscious requiring reconstructive surgery.

Ignorance? Lack of education to be self sufficient? Mother was abused?

“Wyoming Secrets” has an objective, to encourage women to take the initiative to be strong, get educated and stand up for their safety and their future. The three Secret Service Agents are women in their 30’s, educated, attractive and are kick-ass martial artists.

Rebecca Simpson

This is a Facebook page devoted to those who have served and given the ultimate sacrifice.

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