Where is the best place to live for women?

Which countries are the best places for women to live?”Norway & Switzerland”

“Rounding out the top of the list were Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Austria, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Sweden and the Netherlands, which tied for ninth place.”

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Domestic Violence remains a major issue in most countries.

What is Domestic Violence exactly? The following link will shed light on that question.


The 2019 Women, Peace and Security Index placed Canada in the 11th spot, below the Netherlands and Sweden. Canada placed seventh on the list in 2018.

The ranking system is put together by Georgetown University’s Institute for Women, Peace and Security, in partnership with the Peace Research Institute of Oslo, and weighs variables such as access to bank accounts, jobs and security.

Researchers found Norway and Switzerland are the best countries to be a woman, and Yemen and Afghanistan are the worst. 

However, their findings also show that the state of women’s rights is not “all doom and gloom” around the world.

While life for women has deteriorated in Yemen and other war-torn nations, it has improved in some 60 countries.

The researchers looked at 167 countries since 2017, when the first Women, Peace and Security Index was compiled.

Read the rest of the data on how countries were ranked. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/women-global-quality-of-life-ranking-1.5330967

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