Vicariousness. Is this parenting style harming children?

in a way that is experienced in the imagination through the actions of another person.
“she was living vicariously through her children”

What does vicariousness have to do with gender identity?

A woman gives birth to a baby, then nurtures, her or him to maximize their potential.
THEIR being the child’s, not the parents.

I attended a toddler’s birthday on a hot day. His grandmother placed a hat on his head. The grandfather ripped it off his head saying, “No grandson of mine is wearing a sissy hat.”

Whether it is gender identity or choosing to be a mechanic, baker or candle stick maker, it is a child’s choice and for parents to interfere rather than nourish, is a parenting style destined to cause pain, suffering and heartache.

“…many organizations have transformed the rules, policies and practices pertaining to gender variance—in effect, mandating and legislating acceptance and accommodation. The Public Health Agency of Canada published comprehensive recommendations in 2010 for schools to support gender-variant students. Among them: “Ask them what name they would prefer to be called, who they would like help disclosing to” and “organize guest speakers who are gender variant.” The agency also encouraged “training sessions on gender identity issues for all staff” and “single-occupancy bathrooms and designated gender-neutral facilities including the creation of private showers in locker rooms with curtains or doors.” Many schools have obliged.”

Read MacLean’s piece on how to help your child.

“Parents such as Pullen Sansfaçon say they aren’t just supporting their children’s gender choice; they are helping them choose to live long, healthy and happy lives. “When you look at the statistics?.?.?.?it takes me two minutes to think, Do you want to risk that, or do you want to just support her all the way?” says Pullen Sansfaçon. “It’s a no-brainer for me.”

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  1. I am not married and don’t have any children, nor plan to have any, much to my mother’s sorrow.
    But I do know discrimination and I know many fellow officers who chose law enforcement careers in error.
    I encourage all parents to allow their children to choose their own sexual identity and career path.

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