Domestic violence in rural communities.

John Allan killed his wife Wendy then himself.

Dead woman curled hand lying on floor

Terry Finn murdered his spouse of 50 years, shooting her through her car window as she sat trapped in a seat belt in a Home Depot parking lot.

Photo by Vitabello

“According to the most recent, complete data from Statistics Canada, in 2018, intimate partner homicides happened disproportionately in rural areas. Also that year, homicides were most prevalent among older, married people — a disturbing trend as the population ages.”

“Fields (Sandra’s sister) said the ridicule, sarcasm and threats eventually gave way to physical abuse, and she began to worry for her sister’s safety.”

Why do abused women stay with their assailant? We can not judge. Sandra’s friend compares Sandra staying with the addiction of alcohol or drugs.

“In fact, Sandra tried to leave her husband three times. “He had this power over her that she just kept going back. You know, similar behaviour of an alcoholic — crying, ‘I’m sorry, I’ll be better, I’ll change.’ But he might be good for an hour, a day, a week, maybe a month, but always, always a return to the same,”

Read how it happened, the warning signs which were ignored and what society can do to stem the tide of rising domestic violence.

Thank you CBC for voicing outrage and public concern.

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