The “J” team novels

Wyoming Secrets, 30,000 Secrets, Santa Barbara Secrets, Barkley Sound Secrets, Vancouver Secrets and the “J” Team Series are inspirational novels which focus on women who feel overwhelmed by the threat of violence in their lives.

The novels’ inspiration develops through Rebecca, Elisabeth and Jessica who experience violence both in their professional and person lives. The agents’ physical and emotional responses to antagonists draw the reader to the protagonists’ techniques and style used to overcome adversity. Girlfriend conversations over Long Necks and burgers at Casandra’s draws light on their shared problems socializing with male dates and colleagues.

Cuisine and fashion enhance the readers’ identification with the protagonists as the agents dine in some of the country’s finest restaurants and shop at Nordstrom in Denver/Vancouver, BC., Toronto’s Holt Renfrew and specialty boutiques from coast to coast.

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Praise For The “J” Team Series

“What a treat for me to receive your book!…Thank you so much for sending it and remembering me …Made my heart feel very very good. I had no idea you were as ‘dangerous’ as you are … Heh!”
Dr. Barrie Bennett University of Toronto


5.0 out of 5 stars Wyoming Secrets, March 4, 2012 by Colleen

This review is from: Wyoming Secrets A “J” Team Novel: “J” Team Series (Paperback)

“The beginning of the book was like a Robert Ludlum book, but once the characters are introduced, it gets very intense. I could not put the book down, and disappointed that the next book wasn’t sitting waiting for me to read. I would highly recommend this book to readers.”


University of Alaska

“Former University of Alaska Student Publishes First Novel. Some of you may remember Jonathan McCormick, who took graduate courses in Diagnostic and Prescriptive Teaching while working in Hoonah before transferring to the University of Portland. He has just published his first novel: Wyoming Secrets: A “J” Team Novel, which was released on recently, available in paperback and Kindle version.

Take a look on Amazon to read the synopsis, and check out his author website at, on Facebook and Twitter @lazeejjs.”


“If you like to read, try this book, a very good read and hard to put down.” Curtis Leithead Corrections Officer


“Congratulations on the publication of “Wyoming Secrets…” I trust you are at work on the next book.” Sue Grafton


“The University of Washington Libraries each day (sees) more than 25,000 people visit our facilities on the three campuses while another 100,000 access our resources via the Web.
It is my privilege to express our appreciation for your contribution of Wyoming Secrets.”

University of Washington Libraries.


“I hope by now your Jessica has found a literary agent worthy of her exploits. Be well! Write on!” Harley Jane Kozak.


4.0 out of 5 stars

I enjoyed 30, 000 Secrets

By Brian Lavery on April 10, 2018

“I enjoyed 30,000 Secrets. Lots of action. And it is educational too. You will learn about weapons and wines you probably never heard of.”

“Vancouver Secrets”

The investigators share their successful techniques while dealing with personal relationships, homophobes, misogynists and sexual assailants. Their martial arts and firearms tactics lead them into the dark, criminal recesses of the gambling industry, loan sharking and bribery. Continue reading

“Barkley Sound Secrets”

Cocaine smuggled into British Columbia through Port Alberni on Vancouver Island is discovered by Inspector Lorne Wood setting off an extensive investigation into the source and method of transportation. The RCMP and CSIS collaborate with the Secret Service, Santa Barbara Police and the LAPD to dismantle the Southern California drug lord orchestrating the expansion of her business. Retired Secret Service Agents, Rebecca Simpson, Jessica Fukishura, Elisabeth Peltowski, Jason Spencer and Jackson Pennington are seconded by the LAPD to join the investigation and expose the Canadian connection. Martial arts, exquisite cuisine and wine are the hallmarks of the agents’ success as they confront homophobes and drug couriers while establishing a permanent residence for homeless teenage girls. Four RCMP officers portray themselves as do four of writer Jonathan McCormick’s former students.     Prologue   The Chica de Oro slipped back into Cojo Bay off the tip of Point Concepción just north of Santa Barbara, after unloading her million-dollar cargo and headed south. Her retreat was to have been executed covertly; the crew was ignorant their departure … Continue reading

“Santa Barbara Secrets”

Law enforcement agencies have traced American currency to the Caribbean and back to Southern California. Traces of Colombian cocaine are detected on bills confiscated during drug raids. The Caribbean currency. The currency is being transported from California to the Caribbean then back to America where it is distributed to the Christians for a Better America for their rightwing political ambitions. It was CFBA which were responsible for the destruction of the Mahalo Airline at LAX using radio-active material stolen from a Manitoba mine. The Secret Service sends Jessica Fukishura undercover with Katrina Barbados’ Santa Barbara, California law firm to discover the leader of the multi-million-dollar cocaine empire, how the drugs are entering the country and track the currency movement from California to the Caribbean. Fukishura engages agents Jason Spencer, Elisabeth Peltowski and Jackson Pennington who are concluding their investigation of the destruction of the Marina del Rey convention center by an operative for the Christians for a Better America. Retired agent Rebecca Simpson and her partner Dr. Penelope Barker are hired to assist and collaborate … Continue reading

“30,000 Secrets”

The Christians for a Better America, a rightwing political group bent on removing President John Bakus from office with any means necessary, have an extensive network of operatives in Canada and the United States. They are financed through the sale of quality Alberta cannabis smuggled into Idaho then hauled through Yellowstone National Forest. Jessica Fukishura and her “J” Team are tasked with eliminating that threat while securing the western White House in StoneHead, Wyoming. The Team’s efforts result in the discovery of a ranch mole, a CFBA member working as a registered nurse in the StoneHead hospital and the plot to take down a Mahalo Airline flight from Minneapolis to LAX with two hundred Democrat delegates. RCMP Sky Marshall Karen Winthrop joins to investigation while enjoying west coast cuisine and fashion with Jessica Fukishura.  

Wyoming Secrets

Supervising Secret Service Agent Jessica Fukishura, gained fame with the killing of two French Iranian sympathizers during an attack on U.S. President Bakus in France. The act elevates her to hero status. The reward? Organize a specialized unit to evaluate security at the western White House in preparation for a G Summit. Fukishura’s acerbic personality creates friction during her “J” Team selection process. No American based agents want to work with her. She finds her team abroad with  Elisabeth Peltowski, a hacker, currently assigned to MI-6, Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service as a liaison agent, Jackson Pennington, a former Delta operative with several FBI years, early retirement to a Michigan University for an education degree then sequestered to the Secret Service, Rebecca Simpson, an aggressive, unorthodox agent with a penchant for conflict and Jason Spencer with three covert years in North Africa pursuing Al Qaeda fighters with the French Foreign Legion. During the process, Fukishura develops a friendship with Karen Winthrop, an RCMP Air Marshal. The officers train at the Toronto Police Service’s Academy, enjoy the … Continue reading