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Wyoming Secrets A “J” Team Novel out on Kindle

Praise for “Wyoming Secrets” and the “J” Team Series “Friggin good book dude.” Larry Rode, The Rode Show The Wolf Radio “Author with extensive background in law enforcement pens new suspense thriller.” Black Press “Yes, Jessica reminds me of a big cat, lioness – Bengal Tiger-!! No fear. Once again she has her martial arts to fall back on and plenty of cooooooool.” Eileen “I love Jessica! She is a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. Am loving the book!” Lucille..A Fan! “Hooah! MAX congrats! … Continue reading

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Fitness for 2015! An objective or just order in?

These tips apply to men and women. Do you initiate any of these? Which do you do regularly? Any you plan to incorporate for 2015? Or, just screw it and order a large pepperoni? http://www.mensfitness.com/weight-loss/burn-fat-fast/101-ways-lose-your-gut?utm_source=MF-Newsletter&utm_medium=Newsletter&utm_term=Mens_Fitness_Newsletter&utm_campaign=Newsletter10215 The “J” Team are exceptionally fit but Rebecca and Jackson hit Cassandra’s every Friday night. Rebecca with Dr. Pam and Jackson with the latest arranged date from his StoneHead High School colleagues.

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