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Domestic Violence Assessment Tools

The Danger Assessment

The free Danger Assessment helps determine the level of danger an abused person has of being killed by an intimate partner. There are two parts to the tool: 1) a calendar and 2) a 20-item scoring instrument. The calendar helps to assess severity and frequency of abuse, and is helps raise the consciousness of the victim and reduce the denial and minimization of the abuse. The 20-item scoring instrument uses a weighted system to score yes/no responses to risk factors associated with intimate partner homicide. It is available in multiple languages and offers a separate assessment tool (the “DA-1) for immigrant women.

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LEAVE AN ABUSER. Go with a survival plan & resources.

Amanda at Domestic Shelters advises. “Creating a safety plan before leaving is an instrumental step toward staying safe. As Marylouise Kelley, director, Division of Family Violence Prevention and Service told DomesticShelters.org last September, “If you’re in the midst of a … Continue reading

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