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America honors those who attack women and ignores the Real heroes.

Football has become America’s Roman coliseum, with NDL ratings at an all time high even after the disgraceful behavior of so many players and the league. Navy SEAL Sr. Chief Mike Day and others who have worked to stop terrorism before it hits our shores. Yes, they signed up for the job but shouldn’t we give them more honor than those who butt heads on a field and pay millions to watch? Shouldn’t we give these true heroes more respect than we do to those who beat women and children? … Continue reading

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America Arming themselves!

Why have so many Americans, and they are counted in the millions, chosen to arm themselves to such an overwhelming extent at this moment in time? ABC reports that, “The group estimated 126 million people voted in the election, where President Barack Obama defeated GOP nominee Mitt Romney. That means 93 million eligible citizens did not cast ballots.” Read more: http://www.abc15.com/dpp/news/national/election-results-2012-voter-turnout-lower-than-2008-and-2004-report-says#ixzz2Tva7X4T4 Choosing this road instead of voting and cleaning Washington and states to be functional is a disastrous decision and one that will be perpetuated on America’s youth unless young … Continue reading

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