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“Good gals against the contemporary ills of the world? 30,000 Secrets totally rocks.”

“If you like a team of good gals against the contemporary ills of the world then this is the book for you.” Jessica Fukishura Elisabeth Peltowski “Jonathan McCormick has just released his second book in the J-Team series. It is called 30,000 Secrets. It totally rocks. McCormick’s books (the first being Wyoming Secrets) take the side of women as heroes/heroines and enables women with strategies and tactics to help themselves with self-defense maneuvers. A black belt in a number of self-defense arts, McCormick donates a portion of his books to … Continue reading

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Confidence. Skills. Mind-Set. No Fear

“… (he) chose to make unwanted advances, sexual innuendos and other inappropriate comments.” Cheryl Chapman in “30,000 Secrets”. Skills. No Fear “…(He) rushed her from behind, pushing her up against the bulkhead (wall) and began groping her, running his hand up and down her bare leg. Expecting Chapman to respond as most women would with aggression to escape, he met a very calm female who quietly encouraged him, whispering in his ear that his touch was enjoyable.” Chapman had finished her speech to the G-8 representatives and was relaxing in … Continue reading

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“30,000 Secrets” the first “J” Team Series’ sequel

Jessica, Rebecca and Elisabeth resolve many of their personal issues while working with Canada’s RCMP, the Secret Service and FBI to trace stolen radio active material from a Manitoba facility.

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Cheaters who lie & attempt to make it your fault.

Mary broke up with her boyfriend when he cheated on her. Years later she ran into him and he had just broken up with his third, since her, girlfriend. Why? You guessed it. Cheating, then lying about it is a form of abuse, particularly when the lying is accompanied by comments like these. “You’re overreacting. It wasn’t that bad. You’re just being emotional. That never happened—you’re imagining it.” Thanks to Domesticshelters.org, here is their link to explain the abusive behavior and what you can do to escape. “Gaslighting” McMahan remembers … Continue reading

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Are you being abused? Read, share and stop the circle of violence.

“The common depiction of abuse is black eyes and bruises. But, it’s important to know domestic violence can take other forms: emotional or psychological, sexual, financial and/or spiritual abuse.” “We’ve prepared a toolkit to help you understand the various forms abuse can take so you can better assess your relationship and understand your situation. You can download the toolkit here, or by using the gray DOWNLOAD TOOLKIT button above.” Am I being Abused. THE TOOLKIT. Introduction When you’re in the thick of things, it can be difficult to determine if … Continue reading

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Fear. Overcoming it and finding courage.

Fear Overcoming it Finding Courage “He sits on my chest and pins my arms with his knees, then beats my face. The last time I was in the hospital with a broken eye socket and jaw for a week. The bruises and humiliation from not leaving compounded my pain.” This Combat Martial Arts student of mine learned to channel her former fear. She left him immediately with the help of the local Women’s Resource Centre and six months later they met by chance in the local grocery store and she … Continue reading

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Sexual Assault, Harassment or “Just being friendly”?

Women, do you receive a casual brush by from a co-worker where his hand glances across your body? How about neck rubs, rubbing a hand up and down your arm, unwanted hugs or other body contact? What about “Uncle Bill” or “Cousin Phil”? Are these examples of sexual assault or sexual harassment or neither? Here is what the British Columbia law reads regarding sexual assault. “Sexual violence exists on a continuum: at the low end of the continuum are acts of unwanted sexual touching.” http://www.pssg.gov.bc.ca/victimservices/shareddocs/victim-service-worker-sexual-assault.pdf WHAT IS SEXUAL HARASSMENT? In … Continue reading

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