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Sometimes a relationship is derailed long before the crash. Here are ten suggestions to keep communicating during difficult and good times. Thanks to The Power of Positivity for this valuable information.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if relationships were all wine, roses, and moonlight, just because you’re in love? Unfortunately, you don’t live in a utopia, and relationships are as much about the valleys as they are the mountain tops. You will find that when you’re down and out is when you can use effective tools to build a stronger relationship.

Instead of thinking, you have a problem, or your partner does, realize that you’re in it together. You can’t be happy if you see your man depressed and downtrodden. Supportive partners can identify problems and find ways to either resolve or cope with them efficiently.

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Breakups. They are hard to do. Read the experts’ advice.

“Rescuing your relationship means rescuing you. Until you begin to live with dignity, respect, and emotional integrity, you will not have that quality and level of interaction with anyone else.” Phil McGraw In “Santa Barbara Secrets” Dr. Penelope Barker and Rebecca Simpson explore their new relationship, asking the tough questions regarding emotional commitment, their past heterosexual relationships and what brought them together. The third in the “J” Team series is available at Amazon, your library and local women’s resource center. If you are involved in a relationship issue, “Santa Barbara … Continue reading

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Relationship Myths. Is your partner a potential abuser?

Is it possible to spot an abusive partner before you get involved? Revealing these myths might enlighten. Spotting a potentially abusive partner “Dr. Phil blows the whistle on 10 of the most common but dangerous relationship myths.” Think your relationship is a failure because you and your partner aren’t following certain “rules” or meeting certain standards? Dr. Phil blows the whistle on 10 of the most common but dangerous relationship myths. MYTH #1: A GREAT RELATIONSHIP DEPENDS ON A GREAT MEETING OF THE MINDS You will never see things through … Continue reading

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Stop The Violence

Abuse is not only physical: Emotional Social Financial Spiritual Physical Sexual Psychological Is it Loving or is it Abuse?* Abusive: Tries to make you fee him with looks, actions, gestures, smashing things, destroying property, hurting pets, displaying or threatening with weapons. Loving: Talks and acts in non-threatening manner which creates a feeling of safety and comfort. *100 Mile and District Women’s Centre Philosophy Statements: 1 Women have the right to political, economic, and social equality. 2 Women who have experienced violence and other forms of abuse are essential allies in … Continue reading

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