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Teach our boys to be respectful men.

Teaching our boys. “What can I do to shape my son into a respectful man—one who doesn’t assault women, most importantly, but who also doesn’t make lewd jokes, grab butts, mock victims, or generally treat women as if they’re inferior?” How do I teach my son to treat girls with respect? “Aren’t the people best positioned to prevent sexual assaults the people who usually commit sexual assaults in the first place?” Melinda Wenner Moyer HE WILL NOT CHANGE A Women’s Resource Centre for which I volunteer my expertise told me, … Continue reading

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Incels (involuntary celibate) and their dystopian culture.

Incels is a social sub-culture who are misogynists who feel deeply wronged. “…men who call themselves “incels,” and the broader internet sphere of men who cluster their identities around having been done wrong by women, are not interested in mere sexual companionship. Their loneliness, angst, and the feeling of lost power are a pitiable cover story to a problem with white male subcultures that reaches back several years and into some of the darkest corners of the internet. What began as unchecked toxic culture in fringe websites and forums has … Continue reading

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“I just wanted my attacker to know what he did was wrong.” Attacked by a colleague.

“Talusan wishes the prosecutor had given her more information about what her options were—ones that didn’t involve potential jail time for her attacker.” Read the non-profit support group The Walrus’ suggestions “For Jane, going through the criminal system did bring some sense of closure. “What I think people forget is that victims relive it every single solitary day,” she says. “The only difference is when we relive it, we have no closure at the end. At least when you are in a court process, especially the criminal-court process, there is … Continue reading

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Rape culture unchanged in twenty-six years.

Time magazine cover 1991 “Ms. Koestner has appeared on the cover of “TIME” Magazine, The Oprah Winfrey Show, the NBC Nightly News, CNBC Talk Live, CNN, Larry King Live, Good Morning America, Later Today, Entertainment Tonight and other national television programs. She is the subject of an HBO movie and has lectured at over 1600 schools in North America. Her audiences include the incoming classes at MIT, West Point, the US Naval Academy, Brown University, Amherst College, Williams College, and many other top universities. Her testimony on Capitol Hill was … Continue reading

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No Means No!: We Need To Talk About Male Entitlement

“If a woman indicates she wants sex, and then changes her mind, I’m still going for it regardless” is often the reply some men provide. They haven’t a clue as to the personal violation to which they are admitting or the criminal ramifications of their decision. Some men have no emotional connection to a woman/teen who is raped or the female violation experience. And many of these men have no interest or desire to learn. Rebecca Simpson,”What part of NO do you not understand?” “While eating, two guys came over … Continue reading

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