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Girls can reach, achieve and excel…But

“I wanted them to be like children, playing outside, running and jumping and not sitting inside at a desk,” said Lauren Anderson, who raised the kids in South Lake Tahoe, Calif. “They got to be free, building their bodies, protecting their spirits and minds, and not being pushed or pressured.”

Let’s scrap the idea that girls need to dress a certain way to avoid boys getting the “wrong idea”.

Let’s avoid modeling subservient behavior that our daughters believe they must live under the control of a man.

Let’s not teach our girls that their lives don’t matter compared to that of a man’s.

Let’s stop preparing our girls to be victims of sexual and domestic assaults.

Let’s teach our girls to be bad asses and take the world by storm and be anything they want to be and to be strong enough to reject criticism.

Let’s stop asking five year old girls, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

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“Girls need to know their place.”

The norm has been for girls to be raised to be nice, make people happy, disregard your ambitions and joys.

Parents can show them truck drivers, medical doctors and dentists. They can introduce them to female astronauts and a myriad of other careers previously forbidden

Little Big Town’s Fairchild sings a different tune, literally in this piece showing girls that they can reject the 1950’s social rules. It is 2020 and girls can do and be anything they want and parents do not have to introduce their toddlers to princesses and shining knights.

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