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Wyoming Secrets A “J” Team Novel out on Kindle

Praise for “Wyoming Secrets” and the “J” Team Series “Friggin good book dude.” Larry Rode, The Rode Show The Wolf Radio “Author with extensive background in law enforcement pens new suspense thriller.” Black Press “Yes, Jessica reminds me of a big cat, lioness – Bengal Tiger-!! No fear. Once again she has her martial arts to fall back on and plenty of cooooooool.” Eileen “I love Jessica! She is a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. Am loving the book!” Lucille..A Fan! “Hooah! MAX congrats! … Continue reading

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American vis-à-vis Canadian et alii

American overload on Facebook? A former student pointed out what he thought was an overabundance of Americana on my Facebook news feed and wondered as a Canadian, why I seemed to put so much emphasis on Americanism. He was correct. In promoting the “J” Team Series, my publisher wanted me to do my part, (or, as my journalism instructor would say, “Flogging your work”), by involving my readers in subject matters pertaining to my books, thinking readers would be American, hence the Americana. After hearing from my former student and … Continue reading

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How to kill a mole…Part Two

Thiessen had no idea he was aiding domestic terrorists let alone was going to be dealing with the Secret Service’s top agents. Hell, he thought he was just ranching like had been doing since quitting the rodeo circuit in his early 20’s. My medical research team has advised me on how to have Thiessen killed without the murder being detected. Why does Thiessen have to die? Is he just a ranch hand as he makes himself out to be or is he more than that? Who are these domestic terrorists … Continue reading

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