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Michelle Obama. Inspiration, Motivation and Hope

You have to stay in school. You have to. You have to go to college. You have to get your degree. Because that’s the one thing people can’t take away from you is your education. And it is worth the investment.”

he strong woman knows when to push her luck and when to fold. She knows that life requires us to push ourselves if we want to grow and learn; staying stuck in fear will only breed complacency. She takes risks in order to become better-rounded and test her limitations. This woman knows that a lot of our boundaries can be crossed if we jump the mental hurdles first.

As kids, we believe we can do anything because our parents and teachers tell us we can. We don’t have any fear because the world’s programming hasn’t affected us yet. If we fall down and get hurt as a child, we don’t fixate on the event and allow it to grow into a fear. We simply face our fear over and over until we have learned to master it. Kids remain in the present moment because they have open minds. They want to absorb everything life can teach them.

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Parent, Teachers, Administrators & Students, a team or adversaries?

What is the learning climate in your child’s school? Do teachers and administrators give you the feeling that input into your child’s education is expected and valued or do they play lip service to collegiality? Does your school’s PAC meet … Continue reading

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Children, Money and 250 Million earned by an 18 year old!

Teenagers could benefit from viewing 18 year old millionaire Bella Weems who started her own company at 14. 2014 she made 250 million! Yes, you read that correctly! The first 7 minutes discuss generational financial philosophy differences, then Ms. Weens … Continue reading

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Income inequality. Does it exist and if so should we rectify?

Maclean’s magazine, Canada’s current affairs weekly political commentator contends, “What income-inequality crisis?” “Canada is the standard by which to judge the United States.” Enabling more citizens to attain a higher education thereby improving their income or Obama’s solution to tax … Continue reading

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School closures in British Columbia. Voters, you may be the answer.

Forget the rhetoric on both sides for the moment and consider this Global BC piece of information. Keith Baldrey @keithbaldrey Global BC Legislative correspondent noted that there may not be any bargaining movement until B.C. Liberal voters pressure their MLAs … Continue reading

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