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“To Mike from Aggie”

Thanks to DIY and Mike Holmes for the photo

These women escaped a violent relationship. “A woman reached out to Mike Holmes directly seeking help for her daughter-in-law whose home repairs began piling up after being faced with a broken marriage and having to raise two children on her own. Now, Mike is using the experience to give valuable advice about sump pump maintenance, explain how to identify asbestos and provide intimate details about his own difficult upbringing.”

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Are you being abused? Read, share and stop the circle of violence.

“The common depiction of abuse is black eyes and bruises. But, it’s important to know domestic violence can take other forms: emotional or psychological, sexual, financial and/or spiritual abuse.” “We’ve prepared a toolkit to help you understand the various forms abuse can take so you can better assess your relationship and understand your situation. You can download the toolkit here, or by using the gray DOWNLOAD TOOLKIT button above.” Am I being Abused. THE TOOLKIT. Introduction When you’re in the thick of things, it can be difficult to determine if … Continue reading

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Stop The Violence

Abuse is not only physical: Emotional Social Financial Spiritual Physical Sexual Psychological Is it Loving or is it Abuse?* Abusive: Tries to make you fee him with looks, actions, gestures, smashing things, destroying property, hurting pets, displaying or threatening with weapons. Loving: Talks and acts in non-threatening manner which creates a feeling of safety and comfort. *100 Mile and District Women’s Centre Philosophy Statements: 1 Women have the right to political, economic, and social equality. 2 Women who have experienced violence and other forms of abuse are essential allies in … Continue reading

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