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Acknowledgements 2020

Barkley Sound Secrets is dedicated to First Responders for their compassion toward sexual and domestic assault survivors and their expertise and professionalism in providing the necessary assistance.
It is also dedicated to survivors. May you gain courage, direction and enthusiasm for the next step in your journey. We hope Jessica, Rebecca, Penelope, Elisabeth and Elise have inspired and have set an example of who and what you can be.
My sincere appreciation to Elise Laina for the use of her maiden name for Detective Elise Pelfini and her fashion and cuisine guidance.
Thank you Elise also for your hours of editing, assisting with the intricacies of travel times, the scope of each character’s abilities and limitations. Your dedication produced a better novel than I could have done on my own.
My gratitude to Les Wiseman of Royal Roads University for starting me on the journey of the “J” Team and for his support and direction through Wyoming Secrets, 30,000 Secrets, Barkley Sound Secrets and book five, Vancouver Secrets.

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