Sexual harassment at work, a teen’s perspective.

Sexual Harassment in the workplace

“Blue Bloods” Nicky experiences sexual harassment in the workplace for the first time. In this clip, Nicky discusses the pros and cons of her last name. Choosing Reagan will give her protection while Boyle will provide her with a “Clean Slat” as Nicky puts it.

How to deal with sexual harassment

“Verbal abuse was the most common form of harassment for both men and women with 13 per cent of women reporting they’d experienced abuse in the preceding year.”

This is why many hospitals and clinics have conspicuous signs reading, “Violence and abusive language will not be tolerated”.

Staff need to be trained in delivering acceptable dialog to de-escalate but also to have an emergency button to call security.

I taught psychiatric nurses defensive tactics which are usable against either verbally or physically aggressive patients. Their union had requested the training when repeated appeals for improved security were ignored by hospital management.

“Sexual harassment was most likely to affect women, with four per cent saying they had experienced unwanted sexual attention in the workplace, compared to fewer than one per cent of men.”

Many men often respond to the above statistics with, “Ya, I should be so lucky”. A junior high response to an increasing problem which women have dealt with for years.

Teenager speaks to her experiences of being objectified.

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1 Response to Sexual harassment at work, a teen’s perspective.

  1. Penelope and I saw this Blue Bloods episode. She likes the show. It angers me to see such flagrant violation of civil rights and a slam on the NYPD.

    But that aside, this is an issue with which we are dealing with the teenager girls we are mentoring.

    Pen and I experienced sexual harassment in high school. Pen suffered through it while I chose to punch the guy who grabbed my butt and knocked him out. I was suspended for a week. My Dad gave me a hug then had me clean out the barn.

    Girls and women need to stand up for themselves and stop allowing sexual harassment. Once we do nothing, the animals will continue.

    It was interesting when I returned to school. No boy would talk to me, which I enjoyed, but I was shunned by the girls as well. I had school, rodeoing and my horses, so I was always busy and happy.

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