Sexual harasser transferred to internal affairs. LAPD

Here is how sexual harassment begins, from a teenager’s perspective.

Misogyny examples abound but this one is so pervasive, it needs sharing.

LAPD supervisor who harassed a female officer is now assigned to internal affairs, the very department which was supposed to intercede of the woman’s behalf.

“The supervisor, meanwhile, was transferred to the internal affairs group, the division that investigates officer misconduct. He remains with the department.”

She has retired.

The officers who stood up for their colleague took the department to court and won.

” A jury has awarded Zibli and Dooros each more than $4 million for the reprisals they faced, a massive verdict in a retaliation case that comes on top of a $1.6-million settlement for the female officer who was harassed. Jurors deliberated for only about half a day before awarding Zibli $4.4 million and Dooros $4.2 million.”

Canada’s RCMP are being sued for exactly the same contemptible behavior with 3,000 law-suits generated by the previous commissioner, Bob Paulson. The Force and country are hoping, are expecting the new commissioner, a woman, Brenda Lucki will turn the Force back to its original honorable social structure. Although Brenda Butterworth-Carr brought changes to British Columbia’s “E” Division, she has since retired to pursue policing issues at the provincial government level.

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