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Regaining control of your life after a violent event or the threat of one begins with a mind-set that an event or threat will never happen again. This is a video I use frequently in training sexual assault survivors and is an excellent source of inspiration. Clint Eastwood, Make My Day Inspirational video

We have hand picked a collection of what we think are the best and most helpful resources to help women experiencing violence or sexual abuse in their lives.  Please provide feed back on what you found most helpful or not helpful and please suggest any sites you have found helpful for you that might not be on here.

Sleep relating to life changes

Read how alcohol eludes sleep.

Sleep and addiction recovery. “The better you sleep, the lower your risk of relapse.” How sleep helps recovery.

Sleep disorders and options for a better night. Non-Drug Therapies for Sleep Disorders

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Safe Haven

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Vancouver, BC Police Department video, “Conversations that Matter” discussing seminars for women.