Relationships. Don’t allow yours to degenerate to this.

“Two North Carolina children got ahold of a gun and fatally shot a man police said was assaulting and strangling their mother.

During the attack, Steven Kelley, 46, said he was going to cut the throat of Chandra Nierman, his girlfriend, and kill everyone in the home, the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office said.

Police said Nierman’s 12-year-old son obtained a gun, and her 15-year-old daughter used it to shoot Kelley in the chest twice.

Police were called to the home just after midnight on August 8 and found Kelley already dead.

Kelley was a convicted felon who had two active domestic violence protection orders against him from women in Indiana and Ohio, the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office said.

Read how to leave an abuser.

He also assaulted Nierman just days before his death, police said. Then, investigators said, he fired a gun inside the house multiple times “to threaten and terrorize Nierman.”

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Police said they found multiple guns in the house and on Kelley’s body that belonged to him.

Authorities have said that no charges will be filed against the children as the shooting is considered “justified.”

The children have not been named because they are minors.”

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One Response to Relationships. Don’t allow yours to degenerate to this.

  1. I can’t relate.
    I am not criticizing the survivor, just wondering how a woman gets into a situation like this. So much in need of a male they chose the ultimate loser?
    Not only endangering herself but the lives of her children who now have to live with the result.

    If you know of anyone who ls living with a sociopath, encourage them to read this and the links offered.

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