RCMP Sgt. Karen Winthrop, women and teens role model

RCMP Sgt. Karen Winthrop

“Santa Barbara Secrets” A Novel. Third in the “J” Team Series.

RCMP Sgt. Karen Winthrop, sequestered to Canada’s Canadian Security Intelligence Service, CSIS, is investigating stolen radioactive material which brought down an American flight from Minneapolis to LAX. She has just left the White House where she was briefed by the head of the Secret Service and “J” Team Leader Jessica Fukishura.

Secret Service Special Agent Jessica Fukishura from Toronto, Ontario

Karen texted Tom Hortonn from the airport providing him with her flight number and arrival time, writing that she would meet him at his office with Toronto Police Service to discuss the operation. While waiting for her flight, she made reservations for them both, under her name, leaving the next morning from Pearson International Airport outside of Toronto, directly to Limón.

During the interval for the Air Canada staffer to confirm tomorrow’s flight, Karen noticed a woman approaching on her right, dressed sharply in the Air Canada uniform; tailored navy-blue pant suit, sky blue blouse with a maroon neck scarf and blue pumps. She appeared to stand about five-foot, seven with short, spiked brown hair with blonde highlights, age around mid-thirties.

“Sheriff Winthrop, Deidre Hall,” she said, extending her hand, brandishing a broad smile. “It is a pleasure to have you traveling with us today. I understand this trip is one of pleasure and not work related, therefore it is our delight to upgrade you to first class. It is Air Canada’s way of expressing our appreciation for the years of safety you provided our passengers.”

Our appreciation to Air Canada and
Howard Slutsken for the use of this photo.

Karen felt a little shell shocked in that she received this VIP treatment coming down and figured it was a one-time deal, never expecting the treatment to reoccur. She smiled, accepted Hall’s handshake and replied, “This is very kind of you Ms. Hall but totally unnecessary. I was just doing my job and I don’t expect such treatment.”

“Of course you don’t expect it sheriff, which is why we love pampering you so much. We have never had a female sheriff on our flights, ever, and your personality and expertise shocked the airline. I hope you will accept our hospitality in the good spirit in which it is given. We have no other way to express our gratitude.”

“Santa Barbara Secrets” will debut late 2018. Here is a synopsis as well as an overview on the first two in the series, “Wyoming Secrets” and “30,000 Secrets”.

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  1. Glad to see that Karen has been added to the web site. I haven’t met her but we are working on the same case. She is in Costa Rica with Tom Hortonn of the Toronto Police Service and I am in Santa Barbara with Jason and Elisabeth. Nice photo.

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