RCMP and Vancouver PD. One reactive. One proactive approach to sexual assault.

Law Enforcement is reactive. That is a fact of life.

Women, DO NOT allow yourself to be part of this reaction to a sexual or domestic assault.

Learn what you need to know to prevent it from happening.

Survivors have historically been seen by law enforcement as being part of their own assault.
Below, the RCMP is assuring survivors, that is no longer the case with the Force.

There have been remarkable changes since Commissioner Brenda Lecki took office. This is but one.

“Sexual assault is a devastating crime that has traumatic and long lasting effects on survivors. The RCMP is committed to improving how its employees respond to victims and investigate allegations of sexual assault. Our goal is clear: if you come forward alleging you have been a victim of sexual assault, you will be treated with the same high standard of care regardless of where you report the crime.”

What you need to know

*You are not to blame, and you are not alone

*You don’t have to say “no” for what happened to be non-consensual. Body language, silence, intoxication, and other conditions or responses can indicate a lack of consent to sexual activity

*There’s no time limit to report an assault to police. Even if you were assaulted years ago, you can still report it to police. Many survivors do not report right away, and choose to do so later in their lives

*A sexual assault examination kit can be used to gather evidence up to five days after an assault. It can be completed even after you have showered, brushed your hair, or washed your clothes. While the collected evidence may help support or corroborate elements of the crime, a sexual assault investigation can take place even if an examination kit is not used (including if a survivor declines) or used outside the five-day time frame

*You can withdraw from an investigation at any time, even if you have already provided a statement

RCMP explains the reporting process to sexual assault survivors.

Vancouver, British Columbia Police Department takes a proactive position, yes, proactive approach to dealing with violence. Here is Chief Palmer:

“Vancouver Police Chief Palmer advises citizens to take responsibility for their personal safety.

“If you can not hide, fight. You have every right to defend yourself” Police Chief Palmer”

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  1. I fully support this post and encourage all women to read the article, view the VPD video and adopt their proactive approach to personal safety. The release of “Santa Barbara Secrets” will give women an opportunity to immerse themselves in fashion and cuisine while embracing the skills my colleagues and I demonstrate.

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