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I worked for several First Nations as an educator and can attest to this need. Each Nations' language must be embedded into curriculums and the historical truth be taught.

"We want people to be learning about the truth of Canada and what went on and how we feel the future should be designed. That's going to be on our hands and we want to be able to be part of it." said Peter Powder, chief of Mikisew Cree Nation

"The Indian Act allows Canada to run our schools without our consent," said Peter Powder, chief of Mikisew Cree Nation and one of the shareholders with the Athabascan Tribal Council (ATC), which represents five First Nations in northern Alberta.

"We want to empower our nation and we want to have some control back."



"Right now it doesn't allow us to control our own curriculum for our education," said Powder, who said the changes would have a "huge" impact on education for First Nations.

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Photo Credit Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press

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