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-------"VANCOUVER SECRETS"------

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Writing of life as it is…and as it could be.

Female Sleuths, Enjoying Fashion, Cuisine & Jazz, While Investigating International Crime.


Debuted June 1, 2021

The RCMP bungled a three year investigation into money laundering through British Columbia casinos.

BC and California female detectives collaborate on an unfettered examination of the billion dollar criminality and in the process discover the key players in the importation of Colombian cocaine into Vancouver.

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100% of Royalties are donated to women's shelters and safe houses.

"J" Team Novels; Female Sleuths, Enjoying Fashion & Cuisine While Investigating International Crime. Vancouver Secrets portrays educated, articulate and driven women living in an age of Me To and Times Up movements. As individuals, they long ago gave up the concept of marriage and family, forgoing caring for a man incapable of managing his own life. Most have a deep-rooted dislike of men; Jessica’s stemming from her mother sharing the atrocity of the 1989 massacre of fourteen women at Montreal’s École Polytechnique and the fact that men left the women to die. Those who choose to date, do so with skepticism, having been jaded by the many evil men they have incarcerated.

In the process, the women’s careers flourish while encountering, overcoming and in many instances, destroying workplace harassment, misogyny and sexual assault. "Vancouver Secrets" embraces mystery, suspense, love, sex and martial arts through Rebecca, Elisabeth, Jessica, Elise, Penelope, Kimberly and Karen who share their journey in overcoming adversity. The agents enjoy fine dining and shopping at upscale restaurants & boutiques in British Columbia and Southern California while uncovering a billion-dollar money laundering industry.

Women who work twice as hard as men to be rewarded half as little will see themselves championed in Vancouver Secrets. Women who are struggling through domestic abuse or sexual assault survival will gain perspective, courage and motivation through the actions of the female characters.

Forty-seven billion dollars. One year. 2018.Canada. "It is difficult to figure out how much money is being laundered. Money laundering is a big problem globally and can have a huge effect on local economies,” Patrice Poiteven, former RCMP anti-corruption investigator. A Vancouver based RCMP investigation, E-Pirate Inquiry, involved forty officers, a budget of millions over several years, and resulted in a solid prospect of conviction. Regrettably, the case was dismissed in the fall of 2019.

Karen, Kimberly, Anne-Marie and Tom discover blatant currency cleansing, police corruption and in the process unveil an illegal gambling syndicate utilizing university students in British Columbia and Santa Barbara, California as currency mules. Their unit, headed by Inspector Lorne Wood, ripe the bandage off years of loan sharking in Campbell River, British Columbia through the assistance of a retired U.S. Army First Sergeant.

Kimberly, Anne-Marie and Lorne are currently serving peace officers who contribute their names and expertise to unravel the cocaine industry fueling the money laundering schemes.

Former LAPD officer rejects Dr. Martin Luther King's racial equality philosophy & his mother’s teaching when confronted by a white supremacist

while RCMP Staff Sgt. Karen Winthrop enjoys the upper hand with a former supervisor who sexually harassed her for years.

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