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They would eliminate all multiculturalism funding and instead promote the integration of immigrants into Canadian society. They also want to "substantially" lower the total number of immigrants and refugees Canada accepts each year and accept a larger proportion of economic immigrants. The PPC would limit the number of immigrants accepted under the family reunification program, including ending it for parents and grandparents, limit the number of temporary foreign workers and increase resources for law enforcement agencies to do background checks on immigrants.

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The PPC would withdraw from the Paris agreement and abandon "unrealistic" greenhouse gas emissions-reduction targets. It would scrap the federal carbon price and let provinces decide if they want carbon-pricing mechanisms. They would end subsidies for green technology.


The PPC wants to repeal any legislation or regulation curtailing free expression on the internet, repeal legislation adding gender identity to prohibited grounds of discrimination and repeal a non-binding motion condemning Islamophobia.

Covid 19

The party says it would approach COVID-19 policy rationally and scientifically, protecting the most vulnerable while rejecting "coercion and discrimination." They would fire Dr. Theresa Tam, the chief public health officer of Canada, and replace her with someone who works with provinces to implement a "rational approach" instead of following the recommendations of the World Health Organization. They would repeal vaccine mandates and vaccine passports, as well as support legal challenges of those measures by provincial governments in court.

MacLean's Magazine By Pam Palmater surmises that the PPC garnishing over 800,000 thousand votes indicates Canada is fertile ground for far- right groups.

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