Love? Romance? Escape?

Updated: Mar 24

Sexual assault survivors tell me, and their counsellors concur, that their novel genre is not romance but stories from which they can feel hope of regaining control of their lives. Here is a scene from "Vancouver Secrets" debuting this spring.

Momentarily, two security attendants dressed in black slacks, red blazers and earpieces arrived and asked, “Is there something we can assist you ladies with?” commented one of the intimidating men. Kimberly took two steps toward the speaker, an-gled her body and spoke forcefully, “RCMP gentlemen and we have an appointment with Ms. Ens and Sebastian was quite rude, rejecting our request. We can either do this the civilized way, or the other, which you know will not be acceptable to Ms. Ens or you.”

Kimberly Breyman, RCMP Officer with Inspector Wood's anti-money laundering unit.

While Kimberly spoke, Anne-Marie moved tactically to the side of the other attendant, angled her body slightly with her right hand on the 9, revealing enough of the firearm for both men to be threatened.

Follow this link for a synopsis on Kimberly and Anne-Marie currently serving in British Columbia.

Cpl. Anne-Marie Clark


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