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“10 Reasons Why Most Women Don’t Find A True Gentleman ❤️”

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

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The Power of Positivity

Women complain a lot that chivalry is dead and that there are no true gentlemen left in the world. But, chivalry is a concept from the medieval period that dictated the behavior between two warriors. The code of chivalry only relates to women in that women were a man’s property (either daughter or wife) and what a warrior needed to do so as not to offend his host or liege lord by not taking liberties with the women of the house.

The idea of the gentleman grew out of the aristocracy and the chivalric code when firearms made the knight obsolete. With their purpose (waging war) taken away from them, the aristocracy had to justify their existence and maintain their warlike demeanor even though they were rarely called upon to fight. Out of this grew the idea of personal honor and the willingness to fight at the drop of a hat for any offense, real or perceived. Throw women into the mix, and men were fighting and killing or dying to protect a woman’s honor.

Remember that this time period had very little law and order, and women in particular had very few rights as they were still seen as property. During this time, minstrels were touring Europe and singing ballads about the deeds of chivalrous knights and their romances with (often unavailable) women. These stories were very, very different from the true state of things and were essentially romance novels, songs, and poems of the period.

Well, what does all this history have to do with the modern world? Those same warped ideas about chivalry have been passed down through the generations through stories, books, plays, movies and television. The intersection between this romantic fantasy and the modern world where men and women are equals leads to the ten reasons why most women don’t find a true gentleman.

1. THE TALE OF ‘PRINCE CHARMING’ 🤴Women are raised to expect a prince charming to sweep them off their feet and carry them into a magical land where they are rich and royal and live happily ever after. As fantasies go, it isn’t bad, but it is completely unrealistic on almost every level. This is beyond the means of 99.99% of men on the planet and yet movies, TV shows and books sell this plot line to women relentlessly. Why? Because it sells. It is a fantasy women want, and when reality doesn’t come close to meeting this fantasy, some women become embittered. Especially when women fall for narcissistic manipulators pretending to be Prince Charming who use those women and cast them aside.


Men, on the other hand, are expected to rush to a woman’s aid at the drop of a hat only to be shuffled off into the friend zone. Sometimes a man goes out of his way to help a woman, only to be told, “I don’t need your help, I can do it myself.”

Women have been told for the last fifty years that they are equals and can do anything a man can do. If you want knights back, then ladies have to encourage it. Men know that women are their equals already.

3. Immature male behaviors

What girl doesn’t want to land a guy whose family is loaded? The problem with these guys is that they never earned their own way. They were given the best education, fancy cars and had just about every whim catered to them because their parents were too busy making that fortune they are now enjoying. See, the thing is, he doesn’t know the value of anything because he hasn’t had to earn it, fight for it or struggle through heavy odds to achieve anything. He also doesn’t value you. You are a trophy to him, something he collects, something he will most likely discard once you wreck your body giving him children. That is what you can look forward to, being replaced by a younger model. He does it with his cars; why not with you? After all, you are just another possession to him.

Thanks to Power of Positivity for this article

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