Parents, you can be the instrument of change.

Teaching our children by example and providing role models sets the tone for the rest of their lives.

Allowing your children to question, respectfully, and challenge everything, even what you teach and say, will develop their interpersonal skills so they won’t be taken advantage of.

You don’t want to hear that your son was harassed on the job (think RCMP) or your daughter was groped by a family member or in the work place and you knew you had failed to teach them how to combat such behavior.

I encouraged my students, from grades 3-12, to speak up, voice their opinions n challenge me n what I was teaching, much to the consternation of some parents. It was heartwarming to see kids rise to question so much of their world n find answers.

Kids need heroes. Pounder is an incredible one.

“It’s always about the journey. That’s the message women’s hockey champion Cheryl Pounder seeks to instill in every audience she speaks to. Change is inevitable. We must learn to embrace change and get outside our comfort zone on the path to excellence. Each day provides a unique challenge and opportunity to grow. Are we willing to learn from both our failures and successes? Cheryl shows audiences that true achievement is found in the ‘details’ on the way to winning Gold. It is the commitment, vision, leadership, teamwork and dedication that we must exhibit every day. We must ‘Grow for Gold’!”

“Cheryl played on six of Canada’s World Championship Hockey teams where she was named an All-Star Defenseman in 2005. Cheryl was also voted the top defenseman at the 2002, 2004, 2005 (MVP) and 2007 Canadian Women’s Hockey National Championships. Her greatest career accomplishments are her two Olympic gold medals from the Salt Lake City and Torino Olympic Games.”

Watch with your children, this incredibly motivating video,

Watch her on CBC as she commentates the Olympic Women’s Hockey series.

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One Response to Parents, you can be the instrument of change.

  1. I am so into this post because the message is straight from my Mom.

    She taught me to speak my mind. Sometimes it took me a while to learn to do it respectfully, but I learned. She also taught me that my body was mine and no one has the right to touch me without my approval.

    I remember fondly trying out the concept of questioning on my dad regarding chores. He responded with, “These are the chores we have to do daily. You have been doing some for years. Which ones do you want to do?”
    Of course as a kid, I chose the easy ones and was done long before my dad. I remember after one easy day, Mom asked me where Dad was. I was so ashamed that I had left the rest of the chores for him, I went back outside and finished with him.

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