Paid leave for sexual and domestic assault survivors

British Columbia catching up under the New Democrat Party

“B.C. and Alberta are the only provinces that don’t offer paid leaves from work for domestic and sexual violence victims.”

“I remember when I was an employer of about 20 professional people just a few years ago, when one of my team members came to me on a Monday morning and told me that she had been raped on the weekend. Someone had put the rape drug in her drink on the weekend. She wasn’t able to be productive at work, she needed time away,” Dean says.

The province is asking you to participate in a survey to assist in their decision making process.

Paid Leave for Domestic and Sexual Violence

The following short survey will help government to better understand the preferences of British Columbians on these important questions and decide whether any changes to the leave provisions should be made.  To help you answer the following questions, it’s helpful to know that “domestic or sexual violence” is defined in the Employment Standards Act (the act that sets the rules for how employers and employees must treat each other) as including: 

  • physical abuse by an intimate partner or by a family member, including forced confinement or denial of the necessities of life;
  • sexual abuse by any person;
  • attempts to commit physical abuse by an intimate partner or by a family member, or sexual abuse by any person; 
  • psychological or emotional abuse by an intimate partner or by a family member, including: 
    • intimidation, harassment, coercion or threats, including threats respecting other persons, pets or property
    • unreasonable restrictions on, or prevention of, financial or personal autonomy 
    • stalking or following, and 
    • intentional damage to property.

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