Saving your relationship from disaster. Tips from divorce lawyers.

Let’s begin with the positive. These comments and the advice is for same sex couples and opposite sex couples.

“Once you win her, you have to keep winning her over every day.” Joseph Cordell Attorney

Seven tips to keep your marriage from divorce attorneys.

1. Realize you can lose her.

2. Bring back the little things.

3. Have more sex.

4. Listen! Don’t dominate a conversation.

5. Don’t expect her to be perfect.
Know that her body as well as your own is going to change over time. Learn to age gracefully

6. Accept that you will not always be happy.
Exercise to control stress, not booze or drugs.

7. Be on the same team.
Meaning participate in household chores, raising your children and being a full partner.

8. My number 8 which really should be number one.
Don’t be an asshole. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

7 Genius Marriage Tips—From Divorce Lawyers!

Four easy ways to be an incredible husband.

Notice when she is stress and respond.

Create a routine.

Make her life easier.

I can never figure out why so many men feel housework and child rearing is a woman’s job. This is 2018!

Craft a surprise she will love.

Read details of these suggestions from Men’s Health

Your penis size is just right.

Don’t delude yourself into believing size matters. That’s according to sex therapist Brandy Engler.

“The mythology of the oversize penis comes from men’s desires, not women’s. It’s a way men size each other up,” says Brandy Engler, Psy.D., an L.A. sex therapist.

Size doesn’t matter.

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2 Responses to Saving your relationship from disaster. Tips from divorce lawyers.

  1. I remember most if not all of these suggestions from my Mom. As a teen, I am sure I rolled my eyes at having to listen to her lecture me on how to treat women, but I am forever grateful for the lessons.

    Some women still consider me an asshole even though I follow Mom’s advice perfectly. Women do not like to go out on a date, have a good time, and not receive a call back. I can hardly tell them why I don’t.

    Maybe I should just stop dating.


  2. Just for men?
    I thought so too until I read them in detail and they apply to me perfectly.
    I am new in a relationship and have made a card to post on my computer to remind me daily to uses these with Penelope.

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