Living alone versus living with a guy.

“Live alone for awhile or forever. There are plenty of years ahead of you where you’ll be sharing space with others. Take time to enjoy having a space that is all yours.”

“If you had the chance the chance to go back in time and spend it alone, would you?”

“Gravitate to those who share genuine interests with you. Volunteer with any group which matches your interest; the SPCA, Hospice, Wellness, Reading to elementary children, seniors. Every community has a need for volunteers.

Live alone for a while. Many women jump at the chance to have a roommate or worse, live with a man. These women have zero transition from living with parents to spreading their wings. To do things without thinking of anyone but themselves.

“It’s Worth The Read. Women In Their 40’s+ Give Advice To Their 20-Something Selves”

Live alone and avoid these problems:

Sociopaths. Are you living with one? Are you in danger? Key? They blame others for their failures.

“If you had the chance to go back in time and live alone, would you take it?” View eighteen images of the joy of living alone by

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2 Responses to Living alone versus living with a guy.

  1. I know this post is directed to women, but from a guy’s perspective, I suggest men who invite women to live with them so they get easy access to sex and someone to clean are assholes who need to learn to stand on their own and stop depending on women to carry their load through life.

    • Jonathan McCormick says:

      Good point Jackson. Thank you for sharing. I have known many men, young and old, who have conned women into moving in with them so they have someone to take care of them and have sex on demand.

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