Jonathan’s Article for Full Contact

McCormick has written for Full Contact, an American publication that deals with the use of firearms, knives and open hand techniques for self-defense. The following is an excerpt from one of his articles.

Women with a gun pointing at a man
Fear! Confronted with a life-or-death encounter, how would you repond? A large segment of our society is finally accepting what law enforcement has known for years: the police can not protect the public. How then can you deal with the increasing violence in our society? Have you purchased a firearm and taken training–quality combative handgun instruction in its carry and use? Do you feel better and safer now that you own a gun? Whether you keep a firearm in your home for personal protetion or carry one on your person, knowledge of and training with your specific firearm isn’t enough. To believe and otherwise could get you killed.

Tactics play a big role in ending a confrontation to your advantage. Should a man step between you and your car, for example, you should simply change directions and walk back to safety until he leaves. Your attitude may thwart the would-be assailant.
Check with state and local authorities regarding the lawful use of a firearm. In most situations, you are within legal right to use lethal force if you are in danger of grievous bodily harm. Unless you are willing to shoot another human being you should not own a firearm. To brandish and not shoot will only escalate the potentially deadly confrontaion and risk the chance of your loosing the firearm to our attacker.